Being Scared Will Cost You

Sometimes you have to own up to your mistakes and forgive yourself.

Learning from my mistakes has been the biggest growth experience for me. I realize that fear will cost you money, time and resources. Im taking steps now so over the next 10 years I minimize all mistakes by make better decisions.

Purple Rain | At Sea


Onboard the Rotterdam with Holland America Line.

We are the B.B. King Allstar Band.

With me are certainly some all-star musicians.

Jamel Cole – Bass Guitar

Sidney Kirk – Drums

Alyssa Harris – Vocals

Deon Lofton – Keys and Vocals

Mac Mcgee – Saxophone and Vocals

Eric Von Kimble – Guitar and Vocals

The contract was a 4 month tour in 3 legs. The Canadian tour from Boston to Montreal and back, the European tour  and the Carribean tour.

Ranging from different parts of the US, our first time meeting was in Memphis where our rehearsals were held.

The songlist consisted of over 200 songs for us to learn over the 4 month period. The band felt solid from the beginning so I knew it was going to be a solid ride.

We started out simple tunes like Breezin by George Benson and Blue Bossa. Over the 10 day period of rehearsals we would be adding a lot more.  Purple Rain was the lucky one in the bunch that I happened to get this recording of it.

The Power of The Pocket


This video has some super important information on not just becoming a pocket player but also becoming a professional musician. I am curious to see who will be paying attention to this video and heed it’s subtle advise.

Over the last 18 months since living in Birmingham and being on the music scene, the true pros preach the pocket and playing the record. Deviating from the pocket and adding outside chords, hits and licks in many situations can take away from the true feel of the song as well as leave your jean pockets slim with cash because you will not be getting calls to play many gigs if your playing is too busy in performance settings.

I realized that you don’t have to be a super shredder or know all the Jazz chords in the book and can use all the passing chords you want. To other musician’s that’s great and there is a time and a place for that. But when it come to making a career as a musician this is what I have found, The POCKET Pays and PAYS WELL!!

Plus the added bonus of getting the gigs and sharing the stage with incredible musicians is you really start to feel the song and hear the true meaning of the times and technology of when a particular song was created.

I’ll be putting out a list of all the songs I believe every musician should be familiar with to take your playing your ears and your cash to the next level. If you can find that pocket, you will have no trouble getting gigs and making top dollar in the music industry as a musician.

At the end of the day its about maintaining the integrity of the song and allowing your playing to compliment the rest of the band as well as the singer or featured artist. If it is not your gig, its not about YOU…

Take your time in the song and let it breathe, you can really feel the song breathe.


What is your trajectory?

Already 26 days into the new year, man how time fly’s.

Have you still been watching the game of life from the sidelines waiting for your big break? If so here is what you can do.


What you don’t measure you can’t accomplish.

This was a huge lesson for me in life when I first heard it from the $50 billion dollar man Dan Pena. His hard nose approach to life and business success will definitely wake you up and maybe even offend most. His speeches are filled with foul language but he makes great points during his talks.

Do you remember having that god awful progress report in grade school? The one that came between report cards. Mine was usually filled with C’s, D’s and an occasional F.

When your parents saw that what typically happened. “You better get those grades up or no more going outside. Some of my friends would be grounded until the report card came out and they studied every single night until they got that grade up. Others even got whoopings.

That progress report is sometimes what we need for ourselves especially if you are an aspiring artists or entrepreneurs. A daily checklist will help keep you on task which will inch you to your goals.

Like Les Brown says, inch by inch its a cinch, yard by yard it get pretty hard.

Get those little wins in your business or on your craft everyday can have a compounding effect in as little as 30, 60, 90 days. Just see the results of what you can accomplish.

Secondly is to immerse yourself as much as possible around people who are better than you.

Mentors of mine who go with me everywhere I go are people like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, Pastor Mike McClure Jr., Gary Vayderchuk, Neil Patel and many others.

I only know one of these guys personally but for the others, I invested in myself and bought their books, Cd’s and seminars, took copious notes and started applying what they were teaching.

Start where you are.

There will never be a perfect time to start to implement your plans, so start right now with what you have and go.

Perfection is over rated and hard work is under rated.

Even if you are working smarter then that means you should be able to work that much harder on hitting your targets. If you don’t have everything you need, get creative.

I want to create on online live stream music show with hundreds of thousands of live views to my website. To do it the way I truly want to will take money and resources I do not have in my possession yet. But I have so much more value to offer in the mean time to build my audience and make my name known in the market place so when that time does come I will already have alot of the leg work of brand building, great working relationships and fans in place.

How can you take action today and move one step closer to your dreams, goals and aspirations?

Start now!

So to recap,

1.What you don’t measure you can’t accomplish. Set a goal make a plan set up a checklist and get stuff done. Even if you don’t get it all done make adjustments as you go along you will see much clearer as you progress and make the adjustments.

2. Surround yourself with Mentors and positive role models. You will get better just by being around them and listening.

3. Start where you are. No one ever accomplished anything worthwhile waiting.

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar.

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