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Keep improving and keep developing.

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This is cool but I think it will take lots of time to accomodate storage so I have the use the options of going live and doing a more consolidated niche….

Being Scared Will Cost You

Sometimes you have to own up to your mistakes and forgive yourself.

Learning from my mistakes has been the biggest growth experience for me. I realize that fear will cost you money, time and resources. Im taking steps now so over the next 10 years I minimize all mistakes by make better decisions.

Purple Rain | At Sea


Onboard the Rotterdam with Holland America Line.

We are the B.B. King Allstar Band.

With me are certainly some all-star musicians.

Jamel Cole – Bass Guitar

Sidney Kirk – Drums

Alyssa Harris – Vocals

Deon Lofton – Keys and Vocals

Mac Mcgee – Saxophone and Vocals

Eric Von Kimble – Guitar and Vocals

The contract was a 4 month tour in 3 legs. The Canadian tour from Boston to Montreal and back, the European tour  and the Carribean tour.

Ranging from different parts of the US, our first time meeting was in Memphis where our rehearsals were held.

The songlist consisted of over 200 songs for us to learn over the 4 month period. The band felt solid from the beginning so I knew it was going to be a solid ride.

We started out simple tunes like Breezin by George Benson and Blue Bossa. Over the 10 day period of rehearsals we would be adding a lot more.  Purple Rain was the lucky one in the bunch that I happened to get this recording of it.