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How High The Moon- Arpeggios on Guitar

This is a great song to test how your arpeggios are coming along. Try it out and tell me what you think. Start off slow with and without the backing tracks.

Be sure to get your free backing tracks by the way!

Best of luck to you…

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Tune Up – Miles Davis Outlining Arpeggios

The Jazz Master Miles Davis has revolutionized music as a whole and in his classic song Tune Up, he does not disappoint.

Many times as musicians we shy away from playing the lovely music called jazz because of the sometimes complex chord changes and free  kind of crazy solo that seem to confuse average listeners who only listen to catchy hits.

But for those few who have learned the language or who are seeking knowledge on learning the language we break down a simple yet soulful classic.

A great place to begin learning to play jazz is in the chord changes. Knowing how to play your Major, Minor and Dominant Altered chords without having to process how to finger them is a must. Jazz changes move so fast by the time you get the fingering down the key may have changed already.

Tune Up is simple enough you see the changes as they come yet you still get a feel for the changes of the common progression 2 -5 -1.

You want to be sure to remember this one because it is literally in every genre of music and I am will to bet, in about 80 to 86% of songs as well.

Check out this first video of me outlining the chord progression…

The 2 – 5 -1 in the key of D Major 7

D major 7 being the one Chord

E Minor 7 being the two Chord

A Dominant 7 being the Five Chord

Starting on the Emin7, A Dominant 7, D Major7

With the Arpeggio Outline I am playing 3rd’s meaning every other note of the scale or mode is being played.

The next video is the outline being played backwards ..

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Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars on Guitar



bruno mars


I absolutely love this song. Like many old school classic hits, this is a new school classic hit. Bruno Mars is definitely a future rock n roll hall a fame contender.



In this segment, we go over this chord progression and first part of the melody line.

The one chord begins on F Major 7 for 2 measures the moves to the six. In the key of F Major this would be a D Minor 7 chord and finally to the four chord which would be Bb Major.

Note* the Key of F Major has only one flat in it spelled as such:

F – G – A – Bb – C – D – E

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7

F Major – G Minor – A Minor – Bb Major – C Major/Dominant – D Minor – E Minor 7 b5

Listen to the original song on Youtube here.

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Ginuwine – Pony for Guitar

If I told you there are literally dozens of RnB songs that follow this same progression would you believe me?

Well there are for example India Arie – Video. You will see it is the exact same progression as I demonstrate, just in a different key.

Look here for my video tutorial of India Arie – Video for Guitar

I am not sure if anyone listens to 3LW anymore but here is there hit song I can remember that is again the same progression again.

No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)

This song was way back in the day, like 1999 but none the less you get the point.

You can also use this progression when writing you next song. The cool thing about progressions like this is that it is so recognizable by people who aren’t musically trained they will automatically think of a song and get that feeling to bob there heads.

With your lyrics on top of it, its like the already know you song and they will love it, if you are a half decent singer.

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You’re Mighty by J.J. Hairston and Youthful Praise on Guitar

This is the latest song I have gotten down since starting at the Rock Church in Birmingham this year.

This song has alot going on but once I actually started picking all the parts out, I found that it was easier than I thought, at least for guitar.

Even though there are a few mess up in the beginning you get the just of what is going on.

For guitar, the part starts off with a pretty heavy distortion and sustains that same tone generally throughout. For this one I am playing directly out of a Fender Mustang and using its onboard effects.


I mostly play all the licks off of Eb Minor. If the minor scale has been troubling you, this may help as well.

There are some odd timing licks that feel weird on the breakdown but once you get a feel for it, you just know when its coming.

For a breakdown of this song leave a comment and I will make another video for some of the trouble spots.

My church is doing alot of J.J. Hairstons, stuff so get ready for some more coming soon

For more free content on taking your guitar playing to the NEXT LEVEL check out some of my other video breakdowns.

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Metronome Exercises for Guitar

These are more exercises to increase finger strength. Some may seem boring but it really works. If you are sitting down watching TV, this would be a great time to do this exercise however, focused practice will create best results quicker. Do you want to be a virtuoso?

That may be the route you should go.


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Minor Arpeggios Exercise

Get this under your fingers and you will never be disappointed with your playing. Arpeggios will add so much color to your playing and allow you freedom to move a great distance across the fretboard easily and elegantly. Couple this with some scales and chords and you are a triple threat in any scenario.

These exercises have allowed my to get see the fretboard in a totally different light and rediscover my guitar playing. Songs ideas and progressions just come out of nowhere and my tone actually improves when I play because I want the cleanest sound possible.

Try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you.

Have some killer ideas you want me to reverse engineer?

Leave it in the comment section

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Dominant Pentatonic Scale

Great content inside.

You can get so creative with this scale its unbelievable.

Try it out and tell me what you think. You will automatically become a better player just by knowing how to use this scale. Way better than just doing a Mixolydian scale.

Add color to your solos and improvise like a true professional.

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Chord Melody Exercise for Guitar

The grand daddy of guitar playing. Chord soloing, is you can master chord soloing coupled with a bit of marketing, you can write your own ticket to going full time as a musician. This exercise is design to get you familiar with playing chords and single line notes at the same time.

Many guitarists struggle to get a grasp just on chords or just on soloing in general, the two together will make one a virtuoso, to accomplish virtuosity commitment and discipline is required to make that happen.

This is a great place to start, because you now can piggy back off my ideas and develop your own unique sound.

Leave you comments questions and suggestions and let’s continue the journey together.


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