Ginuwine – Pony for Guitar

If I told you there are literally dozens of RnB songs that follow this same progression would you believe me?

Well there are for example India Arie – Video. You will see it is the exact same progression as I demonstrate, just in a different key.

Look here for my video tutorial of India Arie – Video for Guitar

I am not sure if anyone listens to 3LW anymore but here is there hit song I can remember that is again the same progression again.

No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)

This song was way back in the day, like 1999 but none the less you get the point.

You can also use this progression when writing you next song. The cool thing about progressions like this is that it is so recognizable by people who aren’t musically trained they will automatically think of a song and get that feeling to bob there heads.

With your lyrics on top of it, its like the already know you song and they will love it, if you are a half decent singer.

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