Tune Up – Miles Davis Outlining Arpeggios

The Jazz Master Miles Davis has revolutionized music as a whole and in his classic song Tune Up, he does not disappoint.

Many times as musicians we shy away from playing the lovely music called jazz because of the sometimes complex chord changes and free  kind of crazy solo that seem to confuse average listeners who only listen to catchy hits.

But for those few who have learned the language or who are seeking knowledge on learning the language we break down a simple yet soulful classic.

A great place to begin learning to play jazz is in the chord changes. Knowing how to play your Major, Minor and Dominant Altered chords without having to process how to finger them is a must. Jazz changes move so fast by the time you get the fingering down the key may have changed already.

Tune Up is simple enough you see the changes as they come yet you still get a feel for the changes of the common progression 2 -5 -1.

You want to be sure to remember this one because it is literally in every genre of music and I am will to bet, in about 80 to 86% of songs as well.

Check out this first video of me outlining the chord progression…

The 2 – 5 -1 in the key of D Major 7

D major 7 being the one Chord

E Minor 7 being the two Chord

A Dominant 7 being the Five Chord

Starting on the Emin7, A Dominant 7, D Major7

With the Arpeggio Outline I am playing 3rd’s meaning every other note of the scale or mode is being played.

The next video is the outline being played backwards ..

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